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Medichecks – Private Blood Testing Services

Suffering from a bladder or bowel condition can be debilitating, affecting many areas of your health and wellbeing. Staying well is is so important in managing your condition.

Regular blood and laboratory testing play a key role in diagnosing and monitoring your condition, but can also help you keep your health on track in other areas, from heart disease to liver health and even nutritional status.

Medichecks offer over 1200 different health checks and tests direct to you, investigating everything from general health to risk of diabetes, liver and kidney function to cancer.

Specialist tests for bladder and bowel health include a Urine Microscopy and Culture Test which is cultured for longer than is typically available on the NHS, making it possible to detect UTI’s which might otherwise have been missed, as well as a range of gut and bowel tests including tests for bowel cancer, inflammatory bowel disease (Calprotectin Test) and tests for coeliac disease.

Also available are a wide range of comprehensive and affordable health screens which examine the health of your red and white blood cells, your liver function, cholesterol, vitamins, minerals, thyroid function and hormones.

Fortunately, many conditions tested for can be reversed through lifestyle changes or treated with medication if caught early enough which is why it is important any health issues are detected before developing into something more serious.

Many tests don’t even need you to go to a clinic, so why not get peace of mind with an easy-to-use Medichecks test you can do without leaving the comfort of your own home? Simply order online, follow the simple instructions to take a sample at home and post it to a Medichecks accredited laboratory. Results are delivered securely online via your own personal dashboard making it easy to monitor conditions and track any changes.

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