Discover the Power of Flaxseed

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Linwoods are on a mission to naturally support your digestion, and we are excited to offer you a 60g Free Sample of their Organic Cold Milled Flaxseed.

A natural source of fibre, protein and magnesium and high in Omega 3, it can contribute to the maintenance of healthy blood cholesterol levels and help us maintain energy levels.

Simply add 20g (or two dessertspoonfuls) to your favourite dish!

Linwoods Free 60g Sample of Cold Milled Flaxseed

Supporting your Health with 4 Major Benefits

The Power of Flaxseed

Linwoods cold milled flaxseed contains Fibre, Protein and Omega3 and can help you feel great every day, supporting your health by:

  1. Improving Digestive Health
  2. Maintaining Blood Cholesterol
  3. Reducing Tiredness & Fatigue
  4. Maintaining Muscle Mass
Linwoods Free Sample Pack and serving suggestion

Discover the Benefits

This offer is exclusive to Bladder & Bowel Community members.

You’ll be able to receive:

  • Free Sample of Cold Milled Flaxseed 60g
  • Support available direct from Linwoods
  • Advice articles from registered dieticians and nutritionists on how to improve your health
  • Recipes on how to use the product
  • Exclusive offers

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This offer is limited subject to availability, terms and conditions apply. One sample is offered per person, available exclusively to UK residents.