This person needs URGENT access to a toilet, and:

  • has a medical condition 

  • has a bladder and/or bowel condition

  • may be distressed or embarrassed


Please kindly support people with invisible illnesses and enable this person to use your facilities. Thank you.

W.C. Signage - Bladder & Bowel Community

The Just Can’t Wait Toilet Card is a Registered Trademark, provided by Bladder & Bowel Community – FIND OUT MORE

The Bladder & Bowel Community has been providing these cards since 2017, with more than 130,000 in circulation. We also proudly offer a dedicated Home Delivery service providing urology, ostomy, wound care and prescription medication, as well as the Bladder & Bowel Support Group.

Find out how you can help people with invisible illnesses – Email [email protected]

Digital Just Can't Wait Toilet Card
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