Order Your FREE Stoma Card & Radar Key

Gain access toilets when you need them, with the FREE Just Can’t Wait Stoma Card and RADAR Key.

Request the original toilet access card and complimentary RADAR Key from the Bladder and Bowel Community today. We use the universally acknowledged W.C. signage, giving you the benefit of discrete and clear communication for those moments where you really can’t wait to use the toilet.

Simply fill out a few details and we will post your high quality, durable Just Can’t Wait Stoma Card and RADAR Key directly to you.


Toilet Card & RADAR Key

Order a Just Can't Wait Card & RADAR Key

Request the original toilet access card & RADAR Key online today.

  • Assists with access to your closest toilet*
  • Granted immediate access to usable and clean toilet facilities**
  • The RADAR key provides you with access to over 9,000 accessible public facilities around the UK.
  • Helps explain and avoid a potentially embarrassing situation quickly
  • Universally recognised symbols – take your card anywhere!
  • Durable plastic material – just like your other essential cards
  • Completely free of charge for online orders!
  • No membership necessary – simply fill out the form
  • Cards delivered within 5 working days***

*This doesn’t guarantee access to the toilet. However, using our widely recognised card, it has proven to help.

**NKS facilities are maintained by local authorities. If you find a facility not up to standard please report this to the relevant authority.

***For online orders only. Postal applications will increase delivery by approximately 10 working days.
Please note, free delivery of the card is limited to UK residents only.