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Medical Negligence Claims – Client Stories

Irwin Mitchell is proud to support The Bowel & Bladder Community. As a national law firm which offers legal advice and support to those affected by bowel and bladder conditions, we often see first-hand the significant and life changing impact on those affected and their families.

Adrian’s Story

In 2015 Adrian underwent a colonoscopy after which he suffered severe pain. Adrian developed bowel incontinence which has progressively worsened. Irwin Mitchell is progressing a medical negligence claim on Adrian’s behalf.

I was still in serious pain and suffering bowel symptoms months after a colonoscopy so I telephoned Irwin Mitchell, not to make a claim but to seek help with getting treatment as I was getting nowhere.

Anna, a solicitor at the firm, called me back almost immediately. Anna specialises in bowel injuries and I immediately knew I was in very capable hands. Her tone was empathetic and calm and very reassuring. At that time it was exactly what I needed; hope.

Anna knew there was something wrong after I explained my case history in detail. I felt very embarrassed as the injuries were very personal; however Anna seemed to rise above this and completely reassured and comforted me. It didn’t feel that bad having to detail everything after all. I could liken Anna to an old family GP, respectful, professional, who listened intently without anything feeling awkward. Anna explained the entire process of making a claim. I felt reassured as the experience was actually very positive, even though I was most apprehensive as I thought it would be so embarrassing.

The process was indeed lengthy and at times complicated but Anna kept it very simple and was very pragmatic about what each step meant and what we would do next or could expect next. She was level headed and calm throughout and this earned my respect and trust.

As a result of my injuries I had been forced to quit my job, change my whole life, my eating, drinking and socialising habits and this had a dramatic effect on home life and intimacy. This is something you don’t tend to talk about, but I could with Anna. It was devastating what had happened to me but Anna kept me going throughout. Even when I was told that no further treatment could be offered and I broke down, Anna was there to support me. She went way beyond that of a solicitor and gave me some very good advice to go back to the specialists and suggested some questions that I could ask. Anna was a fighter and when I didn’t have the strength she was there for me. I do not know if I would be here today if it wasn’t for Anna and the help she gave me.

With the case nearer conclusion Anna is guiding me to what I might need for the future not for just the now, and I have been overwhelmed at the knowledge and support moving into negotiations. I know in every aspect Irwin Mitchell is working hard towards obtaining the best possible outcome for me and my family. I would without any hesitation recommend Irwin Mitchell, and I have already, to my friends for its excellence, skill and empathy.

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