The Bladder & Bowel Home Delivery Service

Published on 20/6/17

Through our partnership with Bullen Healthcare, we are able to offer our members a service that takes care of all of your appliance and prescription requirements and delivers them directly and discreetly to your front door. The Home Delivery Service is built for you, from the first phone call to your most recent delivery. Your personal advisor will get to know your condition and needs, find out which prescriptions and appliances you require, and have them sent out every month.

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What is the Bladder & Bowel Home Delivery Service?

The Bladder & Bowel Home Delivery Service is a way of ensuring you are getting the medical appliances and prescriptions that you need when you need them.

After an initial phone call with one of our friendly advisors, you’ll have a pre-arranged date for your personal contact to check how you are and go through a stock check of your current stock of appliances and medication. They will then take your order for the next month’s appliances and prescriptions. Ordering is completely flexible on a month by month basis, which means you don’t end up stockpiling products you don’t need.

Once you’ve placed your order, it’ll be delivered to your door by your local Home Delivery Service driver, or one of our trusted courier partners.

You can contact your personal advisor at any time, whether you want to find out about different products, or discuss delivery arrangements. Your advisor is there to make sure you get exactly the service you require.

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Why should I use the Bladder & Bowel Home Delivery Service?

For starters, once you’ve signed up you’ll receive a free Just Can’t Wait card and RADAR key. You’ll also have a range of essential complimentary items that you can pick and choose to have delivered with your order. Items such as hand sanitiser, wet and dry wipes, Scentees disposable bags, bed pads, and mattress protectors are all available at no extra cost to you.

Your dedicated personal advisor will always be on hand to take care of any queries and requests you may have. They’ll be there to support and advise you, but they’ll also be a friend – someone you can turn to if you’re having troubles with your condition. They’ll check in each month to take care of your order, and make sure the Home Delivery Service is helping you to manage your condition.

If you ever find yourself in an emergency, our Rapid Response Team is on call 365 days a year to make sure you will always have access to the items you need in the unlikely event you find yourself short one month.

Our delivery service really is flexible. Going on holiday? There’s no need to worry, we’ll know just how to get you your delivery.

Do I Qualify For the Bladder & Bowel Home Delivery Service?

Anyone with a requirement for stoma, urology or woundcare can benefit from signing up for the Home Delivery Service. Our partners, Bullen Healthcare, have been providing their industry pioneering service since 1858. The products may have changed, but the core aim hasn’t. Customer first provision of appliances and prescriptions that make a real difference in changing the way you live your life.

If you are looking for an independent provider of stoma or urology products that can make your condition more manageable and convenient, then we’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to find out more, call 0800 031 5406.