Bladder and Bowel Community Speaks to BBC Radio Essex

Our Co-Founder Mike Quinn spoke to BBC Radio Essex this week after host Sadie Nine had interviewed John Cocker, who suffers from Colitis and got a parking ticket from Ipswich Town Council whilst on an emergency toilet break.

John Cocker began to feel unwell whilst out at work with stomach cramps and parked his van and trailer in a quiet area on a car park, paid for a parking ticket and rushed to toilet with urgency.

John came back to a parking ticket for parking his van in an area of cross hatchings. Despite appealing to Ipswich Town Council and providing evidence of his medical condition, the council have rejected his claim to rescind the ticket.

Mike gave the Bladder and Bowel Community’s opinion and said that the council should have showed more sympathy.

You can listen to the interview here on BBC Radio Essex from around the 1 hour 7 minutes mark…

You can read John’s full story here in the East Anglian Daily Times

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