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Published on 20/6/17

The Bladder and Bowel Community has partnered up with some great companies to be able to offer you exclusive discounts and advice to help you manage your bladder and bowel condition. We are always looking to expand our community offers and benefits so make sure you check back regularly to see what discounts we are offering.

To visit the Bladder and Bowel Community Supporters page click here.

AVC – 40% Off Vehicle Leasing

More and more people are struggling to stay on the road following government mobility allowance and Personal Independent Payment (PIP) reassessments. AVC are committed to helping those with medical needs stay independent by providing affordable access to a wide range of cars and light commercial vehicles. We are pleased to announce that AVC are offering the Bladder and Bowel Community 40% off a leasing plan with the code B&B1007. To take advantage of this exclusive offer click here to fill in the online contact form and quote the above code.

Medichecks – Private Blood Testing Services

Staying well and keeping healthy with a bladder or bowel condition can be difficult, regular blood tests are usually needed to help your health on track and manage your conditions.

Medichecks offer over 1200 health checks and tests that can all be performed by using one of their easy testing kits in the comfort of your own home. Their tests include specialist bladder and bowel health tests such as urine microscopy and culture tests, which are cultured longer than on the NHS and can detect UTI’s that could possibly otherwise be missed. They can also test for bowel cancer, IBD and coeliac disease as well as test your nutritional status by checking the balance of crucial vitamins and minerals needed in the body.

A Medichecks testing kit is really easy to use and convenient. Simply order your kit online, follow the instructions on how to take a sample and send these back to the lab. You will then be able to access your results securely via an online dashboard once the results are ready. To book your health check visit the Medichecks website.

Until July 20th, Medichecks are offering 15% off our whole range of blood, stool and urine tests for the Bladder and Bowel community. To take advantage of this offer just visit Medichecks, select your test and use voucher code BB17 at checkout

Babylon Healthcare – 10% Off

We’ve all had times where it has been difficult to see your GP or get quick access or advice from a healthcare provider. Babylon Healthcare is a revolutionary new digital healthcare service, which for a small monthly fee of £4.50 (or £3.75 with an annual subscription), you can have unlimited consultations with a real doctor via your smartphone or describe your symptoms to Babylon’s advanced Artificial Intelligence system.

Babylon can then post your prescription to your front door, nearest pharmacy or even your place of work! Babylon Healthcare are offering the Bladder and Bowel Community 10% off a subscription plan. Click here to visit the exclusive Babylon discount page.

Irwin Mitchell Solicitors – Medical Negligence

Irwin Mitchell have the largest dedicated medical negligence department in the UK, with specially trained and experienced solicitors who will take the time to understand what you and your family are going through, helping you get the answers and compensation that you deserve.

Their specialist in-house teams have access to a range of external charities, support providers and rehabilitation centres to provide you with ongoing support. Irwin Mitchell solicitors can visit you in your own home or at a location that suits your best.

Anna Vroobel is a medical negligence solicitor based at Irwin Mitchell London who specialises in injury claims involving the bladder and bowel.To find out more how Anna can help you with your claim click here for further information.

SuperCarers – Quality Care Assistance

SuperCarers are an inspiring new care company who are working hard to help people have a choice and control over theirs or a loved one’s care in the comfort of their own home for longer.

Brothers Daniel and Adam Pike founded SuperCarers after watching their mother struggle to manage being the primary carer of their grandmother with the responsibilities of work and family life. This resulted in the heartbreaking decision of their grandmother needing residential care which affected her happiness and quality of life. SuperCarers helps you find dedicated, hard-working compassionate carers who can help with day and night care, preparing meals, housekeeping, personal care and companionship. To find out more visit the SuperCarers website.

Silentnight – 20% Off

Having a good night’s sleep is really important for our physical, mental and emotional health but many of us are regularly not achieving the recommended minimum of eight hours sleep a night.

A lack of sleep has been proven to exacerbate the symptoms of some serious chronic bladder and bowel diseases. In Crohn’s Disease, a lack of sleep has proven to increase the risk of septicaemia and leave patients at a greater risk of disease relapse.

If you are suffering from bladder or bowel incontinence, a fear of an accident can cause sleepless nights but by having the right protection on your bed will help you to sleep more soundly. We have partnered up with Silentnight to be able to offer you 20% off beds, mattresses, mattress protectors and toppers. To receive this great discount simply visit the Silentnight webshop and use the code B&BC20 at the checkout.