Bladder & Bowel Community Partner With Gillian Kemp

In support of our work in campaigning for publicly available toilets for people suffering with bladder and bowel related conditions, we are pleased to announce a partnership with Gillian Kemp, founder of the Truckers Toilets UK Campaign, founder of Public Toilets UK, joint founder of The Toilet Consortium and member of the British Toilet Association (BTA).

As a renowned toilet campaigner, Kemp has given evidence on the effects of public toilet closures to the Health & Social Care Committee at the Welsh Assembly, has chaired a joint venture with Hertfordshire Constabulary to revise a booklet on reducing vandalism in public toilets on behalf of the BTA, and has been quoted by news outlets including BBC News, Sky News, New Statesmen and The Spectator.

Through our partnership with Gillian and our own work with the Just Can’t Wait Card and iOS app, we aim to raise awareness of publicly available toilets for those who need them at a moment’s notice.

We will also be using this partnership to consider the user in the planning and design of future toilet facilities, and identify the problems users may encounter when using public toilets.

Gillian is also involved with the Around the Toilet project at Sheffield Hallam University, and will be sharing with us the team’s research into a toilet for everyone. The questions the team are considering include ‘who is currently excluded by toilet design and provision?’, ‘how does a lack of toilets impact upon people’s daily lives?’ and ‘how can toilets be inclusive and accessible for everybody?’. The project focuses on themes of gender and disability, and uses the arts and design as a way to communicate their findings with architects, design professionals, and the general public – their approach is different, exciting and very appealing to a wide range of age groups.

Also, as part of this partnership and Gillian’s work with the Toilet Consortium, we will be meeting with the Consortium members in Westminster in October, with a view to working together on improving and increasing access to public toilets.