Face masks: a new normal to protect ourselves

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With the recent UK Government guidance, face masks have become more commonplace and part of our daily lives.   Recommendations now state that face coverings must be worn when using public transport, whilst visiting hospitals or in enclosed spaces where social distancing is not always possible in order to avoid the risk of a second wave of Covid-19.

There are many different types of face mask in use, however not all give adequate protection from infection – both for the person wearing the mask, or others around them.  In order to protect yourself, you will need a medical grade mask. How you wear a mask is also important – royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust have created a clear downloadable guide.

Studies have revealed that the Covid-19 virus enters human tissue via large droplets transmitted by airborne coughs and sneezes. With various options available on the market, knowing which mask to choose to give the right level of protection can be confusing. Disposable, single-use Type II and Type IIR medical face masks provide adequate protection against large droplets and have a middle high-density filter layer.  Cloth face coverings are considered less effective at preventing the virus from entering the respiratory system via your nose and mouth, with only up to 10% of particles being filtered by the porous cloth.

Furthermore, according to The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) Type II and Type IIR medical face masks create a barrier which can prevent droplet from entering your mouth and nose and therefore reduce the spread of infection, compared to non-medical or cloth face masks, which are less effective for source control.

The latest advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) states that Type II and IIR medical masks must have a minimum of three layers and configured to have filtration layers integrated in the middle. These should be worn by health workers, anyone with symptoms suggestive of COVID-19, including mildly ill people, people caring for vulnerable individuals; people aged 60 or over and people with underlying health conditions.


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