Genii Stoma Bag – FREE Sample

The stoma bag that feels like it's not even there

Originally published on: July 20th, 2022.

We have some free samples of the Genii Stoma Bag, the first in the world to use Sil2 Breathable Silicone Technology® which sticks and seals perfectly against your skin. Request your free sample today – available in a choice of skin tone colours.

Genii - Product Image

Genii™ also provides the following benefits:

  • Water-resistant material – Ideal for swimming, showering and active lifestyles
  • Skin tone colours ‘Camouflage’ against the skin
  • Lightweight, quiet material
  • Stays fresh for optimum, long-lasting comfort
  • Improved airflow to reduce ballooning, pancaking and odour
  • Easy viewing split design bag cover to help view contents

Why not give Genii™ a try? You do not need to be a member or switch your delivery company.

Request a Sample

Simply request a sample via our website – you do not need to be a home delivery member or switch your provider to receive a sample.