Just Can’t Wait Card Petition reaches 6k

Originally published on: November 29th, 2021. Last modified on August 18th, 2022

Bladder and Bowel Community member, Tara Dolman has launched a petition to get the Just Can’t Wait toilet card recognised under the Equality Act 2010.

Tara decided to set up the petition after her father, who is registered disabled and has several serious medical conditions, was refused access to a toilet which resulted in a distressing situation for him.

Petition Status: 6,178 signatures, as of 18th August 2022

The Just Can’t Wait toilet card has been designed to allow those who suffer with a bladder or bowel condition to discreetly signal to someone that they urgently need to use the toilet and ask for their help.

To date, the Bladder and Bowel Community has issued over 170,000 cards to the 14 million who suffer with a bladder condition and the 6.5 million in the UK who suffer with a bowel condition and this number is growing. Last year we issued the largest number at over 40,000 cards as people became increasingly anxious about leaving their homes and having limited toilet provisions. 

Tim Dolman, who inspired the petition for Just Can't Wait Card to be recognised by the Equality Act 2010

Tara’s father first started using the Just Can’t Wait card after a stroke left him with bladder issues. Despite having the card, a lack of understanding and compassion from some retail stores has left Tara’s father Tim with anxiety around leaving the house.

He now feels trapped in his own home.

Tara wants to help raise awareness of the Just Can’t Wait card to help her father and the millions of people who suffer with a bladder or bowel condition to feel confident when they leave their home. She says:

“Most days, my dad doesn’t even like going out because he is so worried about needing the toilet. My aim is to get the card included within the Equality Act 2010, but even if  I can put something in place that educates retailers in understanding the impact of having a bladder or bowel condition, that would be a big step forward.”

At Bladder and Bowel Community we want to show our support to Tara by highlighting the great work she is doing with this petition and continuing to work to raise awareness of the card with patients and retailers. Tara’s local MP Yvette Cooper, has also been in contact and agrees that something needs to be done and has written a letter to the Equalities Minister about Tara’s petition.

At present Tara’s petition has over 6,000 signatures and is growing. We are asking you to sign and share the petition on change.org to help make a difference to those who are living  with a bladder or bowel condition.

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