Let’s Talk About Incontinence

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We know talking about bladder weakness and incontinence can be difficult, but just how much of an impact does it have on your life? At Bladder & Bowel Community we asked continence experts at HARTMANN what we could do to help.

There are millions of people who live, or care for someone with incontinence. Worryingly many people over the age of 45 suffer in silence and avoid activities such as sports, travelling and socialising because of bladder weakness and incontinence.  

In a recent study by HARTMANN, it was found that many people resort to different tricks to cope with their condition such as reducing how much they drink, carrying extra underwear, and even putting toilet paper inside their underwear.

Let's talk about incontinence

The time to talk is now.  It’s time to break the silence and let you know that you’re not alone and you can take control of your bladder weakness.

Step 1: Talk to others

Step 2: Seek out information and advice

Step 3: Find a solution that works for you

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If you need help finding a solution for you, call HARTMANN Direct on 0800 028 9490 or visit the website at www.hartmanndirect.co.uk 

We hope we can make Step 3 that little bit easier for you.

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