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Crohn’s Disease hasn’t beaten me

After years of escalating bowel issues, Mark was eventually diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in October 2022 but the effects of a late diagnosis have had a serious impact on Mark’s life. We highlight his story as part of Crohn's and Colitis…

Ostomy Awareness Day

Each year Ostomy Awareness Day offers an opportunity to raise awareness and educate people of the impact of living with a stoma - this year's event took place on 7th October. Everyone has their own stoma story, whether your stoma saved your…

I’m back living life after beating bowel cancer

David McVey, 58  from Glasgow noticed that he was having trouble going to the toilet and that there was blood in his poo. Prompt action from both David and his GP meant that he is still around to tell his story of going through a bowel

My endometriosis was misdiagnosed as IBS

Helen Brook, 36  from West Yorkshire had struggled with bowel symptoms since her teens with experiencing bloating and pain that got worse when she reached her 20s. After seeing various GP’s, and bowel specialists, they were unable to find…

Addressing the Stigma around Incontinence

Stigma is all around us, in one form or another. It is strong, yet invisible and has the potential to control us beyond what is reasonable. First of all let’s define the concept of stigma in the context of bladder and bowel health, so that…

Why is Urology Awareness Important?

Urology Awareness Month provides an opportunity to learn and share all things urology during the month of September. This year's theme is Bladder Health and UTI's. Find out why it all matters.

Urology and Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME)

Bladder health can affect people very differently depending on other health considerations. For people living with ME, there are certain conditions and symptoms which are more common. We teamed up with the ME Association to highlight how…

What is Your Gut Telling You?

The connection between your gut microbiota and your central nervous system is becoming more of a focus in recent years as we are now realising that having poor gut health could also be linked to having mental health disorders such as