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Finding Freedom With A Flushable Colostomy Pouch

Many people with a colostomy would say that life with a stoma can often be restricting. Daily challenges include needing to plan for the possibility of an unexpected pouch change, especially at the most inconvenient times i.e. when out and about or at lunch with friends.

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Aura® Flushable is available on prescription. If you’d like to try a free sample first, you can request one by visiting the website.

The idea of a flushable colostomy pouch may sound simple, but it can make a huge difference to those who feel uncomfortable having to carry a used pouch around with them until a suitable bin can be found. Over the years, we’ve received countless feedback about the benefits that using a flushable colostomy pouch can have, from improving self-confidence and self-image to getting back a sense of normality and freedom.

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Flushable Freedom

Twenty years ago, CliniMed Ltd launched the first flushable colostomy pouch range in the world. Since then we have continued to push the boundaries of innovation to enhance our pouch range and recently launched the latest flushable colostomy pouch, Aura® Flushable with medical grade Manuka honey.

Aura® Flushable combines the latest flushable technology with the added comfort of Manuka honey. The Manuka honey used in the flange of the Aura® range of stoma pouches has a Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) rating of 16+ and the inclusion of medical grade Manuka honey in the hydrocolloid flange may help to promote healthy skin around the stoma.

Aura® Flushable offers more choice than ever before of how to dispose of a used colostomy pouch. Both the inner liner and flange contain biodegradable materials* and can be flushed in domestic toilets, single flush siphonic systems and septic tanks, giving people the freedom to never have to carry a used pouch again. This is a significant advantage. We know from feedback from those living with a colostomy that people often avoid travelling long distances, go out socialising or even leave the house, as they are too worried about how they will dispose of their pouch. This clearly would have a negative impact on their daily life.

Flushable Freedom

The Freedom To Be campaign aims to raise awareness that a flushable colostomy pouch exists and ensures that all colostomates are given the opportunity to try one for free.

Recently as part of the campaign, a group of Aura® Flushable users all bravely agreed to be filmed to share their stories about how using a flushable colostomy pouch has improved their quality of life.

Vicki, a retired aircrew member from Surrey, told us she found it very difficult adjusting to life with a colostomy but since discovering a flushable pouch she has never looked back.

“The flushable bags are wonderful and give you a lot more self-confidence. I travel and socialise an awful lot and its wonderful to know that the flushable bags can be used almost everywhere. A flushable bag means you can just flush it away, there’s nothing left, only the outer cover which you can just hide in your pocket or in your handbag.”

To hear Vicki’s full story and more like hers, visit the new Flushable Freedom microsite.

The microsite is dedicated to all things Flushable and is there to provide a social community and support network for colostomates who want to learn and share their experiences of using a flushable colostomy pouch. You can also find lots of information about Aura® Flushable, read our latest travel blogs and more.

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Aura® Flushable is available on prescription. If you’d like to try a free sample first, you can request one by visiting the website.

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