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Flaxseed – a small, but mighty seed

Flaxseed has been well researched in recent years and has gained the reputation as a functional food, making it an essential ingredient for any health conscious consumer to add to their shopping list. The main benefits of flaxseed seem to…

SAVE LIVES, Grow a Beard this December.

Bowel Cancer UK has launched its annual Decembeard campaign aimed at raising awareness and vital funds into the research of life-saving treatments for bowel cancer. Taking part in Decembeard is so easy. All you have to do it ditch

World Cancer Day, A Letter To My Cancer

Dear Cancer, It has been just over four years since you came into my life, but you had been silently ripping your way through my bowel for years before that. You spread further and further causing me pain and bleeding.

World Mental Health Day

On World Mental Health Day, Bladder and Bowel Community Manager, Gemma Savory talks about how bowel cancer led to depression and anxiety.

Happy 70th Birthday NHS

Today the NHS turns 70 years old and Bladder and Bowel's Community Marketing Manager, Gemma Savory writes about how much the NHS means to her.

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

Cara found herself staring bowel cancer in the face at only 32 years old. For bowel cancer awareness month, Cara has kindly shared her story to raise awareness of the symptoms and that you're never too young for bowel cancer.

Penile Sheaths

Penile Sheaths, also known as Penis Pouches, is a popular and effective alternative to absorbent pads for many men. They fit over the penis like a condom and are attached by a tube to a drainage bag and can be used during the day and during…

#WorldCancerDay – United against Cancer

My name is Gemma and I have cancer. In fact, I have Stage 4 Bowel Cancer with an incurable prognosis. It is a disease that has been a part of my life for just over three years now. Today is #WorldCancerDay and I want to talk about the…

Share Your Story – Laura Lodge

Laura is a busy new mum, a nurse and at the young age of 29 diagnosed with cervical cancer after a routine smear test. Here, Laura tells her story, the importance of smear tests and her hopes of setting up a new charity to help new parent…

How To Change A Stoma Bag

Changing your stoma bag may seem daunting at first but you will soon get used to the routine of it and over time you will find that a bag change will only take you a few minutes to complete.

Stoma Reversal

What is a stoma reversal? A stoma is formed by bringing a loop of bowel (from the colon to form a colostomy or from the small bowel to form an ileostomy) to the surface of the abdomen. A pouch is then worn over the top of the stoma to…

A Shelf and A Hook

Natalie Toper, Cancer Counsellor and bowel cancer survivor is campaigning to get stoma signs placed on disabled toilet doors and appropriate stoma facilities within. Here Natalie describes how her own personal experiences have driven her to…

Grow a Beard and Help Beat Bowel Bowel

Calling all men! Ditch the razor this month, create a little extra winter warmth for your face and help raise awareness of bowel cancer. Yes this month is Decembeard!

My journey back to wholeness after stage 4 cancer

In January 2016, Fi Munro was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. At the time of her diagnosis Fi was told her cancer was inoperable and terminal. Refusing to accept her prognosis, Fi dedicated her time to researching her condition and…

Good News for Chili Lovers

Researchers found that capsaicin - the ingredient that gives chili peppers their heat - activated a pain receptor in mice that reduced tumour  development in their gut. In their study, the team fed capsaicin to mice that were genetically…