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Talking ‘Incontinence’ with BBC Radio Lancashire

We were heartened to hear Gemma Collins’ own account of her ‘accident’ whilst playing on a trampoline with her nephew. Life is for living and Gemma reaffirmed this idea by stating that nothing would stop her from doing anything in her life.…

London Borough supports Community Toilet Scheme

Last year, the Bladder and Bowel Community launched their own toilet scheme where high street businesses can display a sticker in their window letting customers know that they support the ‘Just Can’t Wait’ card. We are still working hard…

Just Can’t Wait Toilet Scheme

Introducing the national Just Can't Wait Toilet Scheme for participating businesses and organisations to show their support for people living with a bladder and/or bowel condition, by allowing emergency access to a toilet.  People tell…

Public Toilets – The good, The Bad and The Ugly

Public Toilets are never going to be a glamorous topic. Nevertheless, we all need to use them. Britain is often remarked for being a reserved nation, especially around topics such as our bodily functions. Whatever shyness there may be…

‘We Just Can’t Wait’ Campaign

One year after going digital, the Just Can’t Wait Card is relied on by over 160,000 people, with a new petition raised to ensure people aren’t turned away when in desperate need.

Just Can’t Wait Card Petition reaches 6k

Community member Tara Dolman has raised a petition to get the Just Can’t Wait toilet card recognised under the Equality Act 2010. Show your support and sign and share the petition today.

FAQs – Just Can’t Wait Card

Need support or troubleshooting around the digital Just Can't Wait Card? This article covers our most frequently asked questions, along with solutions and advice to help you make the most of the smartphone version of the card.

Going ‘Green’

The Just Can’t Wait card has provided a ‘lifeline’ to over 130K people to date. Around 14 million people in the UK live with a bladder condition and over 6.4 million live with a bowel condition. We’ve issued over 130,000 Just Can’t Wait…

The Just Can’t Wait Card Goes Digital

The original toilet card from the Bladder and Bowel Community is now available on IOS and android and can be seamlessly integrated with your smartphone using mobile wallet technology.

Just Can’t Wait Card Reviews

Provided in its present form since 2017, we are proud to now have over 130,000 cards in circulation. Our digital toilet card will now enable us to embrace technology, reduce our impact on the environment and reach more people in need than…

FREE Just Can’t Wait Toilet Card

Get your FREE Digital Just Can’t Wait Toilet Card The Original Toilet Access Card Access to toilets not normally available to the general public Discreet, clear communication when you just can’t wait to use the toilet Widely…