Stoma Care

Stoma Care

Welcome to our stoma care section. Here you will find helpful information and advice on looking after your stoma including skincare, travel, irrigation, surgery and the different types of stoma.

The Bladder & Bowel Home Delivery Service can offer you expert advice from a trained nurse about stoma care and help you find the right products to manage your condition.

For more information on ostomies and stoma care products call our Home Delivery Team on 0800 031 5406.

What To Expect After Your Stoma Surgery

Straight after surgery What will my stoma look like? Don’t be alarmed by the size of your stoma for the first few weeks after surgery. Your abdomen and your stoma will both be quite swollen and your stoma may also ooze blood for the…

What To Expect Before Your Stoma Surgery

Your Preoperative Assessment Depending on your hospital you will probably be offered a pre-op assessment a few days/ weeks prior to your stoma surgery. This assessment will involve a meeting with your surgeon to discuss any last minute…

Stoma Surgery

What is a stoma? A stoma is an opening on the abdomen that can be connected to either your digestive or urinary system to allow waste (urine or faeces) to be diverted out of your body. It looks like a small, pinkish, circular piece of…