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Welcome to the Bladder & Bowel Community Resources page.

Here you’ll find links to the following pages:

    • Frequency volume chart – a chart that helps you keep track of your urination patterns. If you fear you may have a bladder issue, keeping one of these prior to visiting your GP could arm you with some invaluable insight into your symptoms. Make sure you see your GP immediately if you suspect something is wrong with your bladder.
    • Lifestyle, Fluids And Diet – Advice on dietary measures that can be taken to help make your condition more manageable.
    • Pelvic Floor Exercises – this page provides information on the pelvic floor, and how to go about strengthening the muscles.
    • Fibre Supplements – information on how fibre can affect digestion, and the different types that you should be consuming, depending on your particular situation.
    • Bristol Stool Form Scale – one of the ways in which doctors determine the healthiness of your gut.
    • Toilet Positions – advice on the healthiest position from which to pass stool.
    • Pelvic Floor Repair – information on the surgical options for repairing the pelvic floor in cases of a prolapse.

Please take a look through our resources, or visit the downloads page for more detailed PDF documents filled with advice.