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Medicinal Treatments

Medicinal Treatments

Welcome to the medicinal treatments section where you can find information about some of the medications used to treat bladder and bowel conditions.

Here you will find advice on:

  • Antispasmodic medications to treat urinary incontinence
  • Laxatives and enemas
  • Antimotility medication
  • Antibiotic treatments
  • Injectable therapies
  • Medicines specific to your condition

Medicinal treatments will usually be offered to you by your GP if conservative methods haven’t been effective enough alone to treat your condition. It is important to follow the instructions of any medications prescribed by your GP or Healthcare Practitioner. As with any medication, some people may experience side effects. It is important to inform your GP if you do suffer from any side effects.

Please note that the information contained within these pages are a guide only. Your GP will be able to advise on the best methods of treatment for your condition. Please speak to your GP or Healthcare Practitioner before undertaking any of these treatments.