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Visceral Pain Study

The University of Cambridge are involved in a study aimed at better understanding visceral pain through the experiences of people living with their condition. This will help the NHS to develop services and offer patients more effective interventions and support to address the diverse nature of their symptoms and help improve their quality of life. The study will also include how the nerves connecting inner organs to the brain cause pain, as their exact identity is unknown.

The goal is also to set up a UK-wide database of visceral pain patients to address these areas.

This survey is the first part of the project and is working with a wide number of charity partners to reach a large and diverse number of participants throughout the United Kingdom, all of whom will have differing experiences of visceral pain.

It is conducted with a larger consortium called ADVANTAGE (Advanced Discovery of Visceral Analgesics via Neuroimmune Targets and the Genetics of Extreme human phenotype) This is part of the Advanced Pain Discovery Platform (APDP)

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For more information, please email: [email protected].uk

Visceral Pain University of Cambridge Research

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