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Is pumpkin seed the secret to stopping bladder leaks?

AD This article contains links If you're among the millions of people who struggle with bladder issues, you know how frustrating and disruptive they can be. From the constant need to dash to the loo to the embarrassing leaks, bladder

Fuelling Your Body for Exercise with a Chronic Illness

When living with a chronic illness it can be difficult to start and maintain an exercise regime. Eating a healthy, balanced diet can help you to fuel your body correctly to support you in everyday movement. We spoke to Specialist Renal

Benefits of Yoga Nidra

Kate Rock is a certified Yoga teacher who has undergone additional, specialist training in Yoga Nidra, and has now set up Nidra Works with the intention of taking the profound power of this practice out to as many people as possible. If

Getting Started with Exercise

Have you ever wondered how those super-energetic people do it? Those bouncy people, who say they feel great after walking the dog at 6am or hitting a new personal best for their 5k run? Exercise is highly personal and we are all coping

Having a Urostomy improved my life

Katie Highton, aged 23 from the Scottish Borders has lived with bladder dysfunction for most of her life. After trying many treatments and surgeries to manage her condition, Katie finally chose to undergo ileal conduit surgery, which has

How to stay active with a health condition

Zoe McKenzie is a Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor who lives with several health conditions including Fowler’s Syndrome, which leaves her relying on a suprapubic catheter. Zoe has made it her mission to help others

Healthy eating on the go

AD This article contains product references In this fast-paced world that we live in, taking care of our bodies often takes a backseat to the demands and pressures of everyday life. However, making teeny tiny dietary changes can make a…

Do you know how important your kidneys are?

We're championing kidney health. Do you really know about the importance of  your kidneys and what you can do to look after them? We spoke to Myra Casero, a Home Haemodialysis Nurse from Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham about her role in…

Diary of a Kidney Warrior

To highlight World Kidney Day on 14th March 2024, we chatted with Dee Moore, an Occupational Therapy Assistant from Birmingham who was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease in 2018 after being struck down with a mystery infection. Dee’s…

3 Ways to Connect with your Community

It’s easy to feel disconnected during the winter months. When the weather is bad it’s even more difficult to motivate yourself to step outside. We suggest a few ways in which you can break your usual routine and try something new, with…