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FREE Sample – LoFric Elle Intermittent Catheter

We have some free samples of the new LoFric Elle catheter, suitable for females who self catheterise. Discreet and easy to use with its unique L-shaped handle, offer available to UK residents. Request yours here!

Being Diagnosed with Coeliac Disease Changed my Life

Coeliac Disease is a little known condition where the body’s immune system attacks the tissues when gluten is consumed. For Stella, diagnosis was positively life-changing - it meant she no longer had to live each day with stomach problems.

This Christmas it’s ‘Love Actually’

We asked our community what they will be doing differently this year, and here’s some of your wonderful stories and, well, it's love actually! Read some heart warming stories and updates from just a few of our wonderful members.

Just Can’t Wait Card Petition reaches 5k

Community member Tara Dolman has raised a petition to get the Just Can’t Wait toilet card recognised under the Equality Act 2010. Show your support and sign and share the petition today.

Urology Awareness Month

This Urology Awareness Month, we have worked with the ME Association to highlight how ME/ CFS sufferers can be affected by bladder conditions and to talk about a rarely mentioned called Interstitial Cystitis (IC).

The Link Between your Belly and Brain

The gut has long been called ‘the second brain’ so it stands to reason that there is a relationship between what you eat and your mental health. We explore how nutritional psychiatry is growing and whether certain diets can help improve our…

The Crippling Pain of Endometriosis

Dionne, 23 from Scotland talks to Bladder and Bowel Community about how the perception of endometriosis needs to change and more awareness is needed around just how damaging this gynaecological condition can be.