Your Sleep Matters

Rest easy with Sealy’s mattress and protection model.

Published on 20/6/17

Incontinence impacts more than 200 million people worldwide and between three and six million people in the UK! That’s a lot of people – so here at Sealy, we’ve invested in a new range to help you sleep easy. We understand that sleep is essential when it comes to feeling great, so our mattress and topper has been designed to ensure comfort and protection during the night, as well as being hygienic and easily cared for – helping you wake up feeling happy, healthy and, most importantly, well rested.

This mattress and topper has been developed to suit the needs of those requiring peace of mind whilst not compromising on comfort or sleep– take our single-sided flat panel mattress for example, this product offers a high level of comfort and support (none of those pesky lumps and bumps), as well as a fully waterproof topper – which works to enhance, not hinder our bed’s cosiness!

This is just one example of how our range offers a smart solution for all Just Can’t Wait toilet card holders – plus, because we understand the frustrations with incontinence, we’ve ensured our designs are anything but sticky, sweaty, noisy and bulky, in fact, our products are the opposite – they’re extra comfy, extra cosy and are super stylish and silent, so you can wave goodbye to that irritating rustle noise every time you turn in the night.

And when it comes to hygiene and stains, we’re also keeping things easy, as the underside protection to our toppers features a Meditiss fabric – in simple terms, it stops liquid transferring to your mattress, it’s hypo-allergenic, mould resistant and is guaranteed to keep your mattress free of stubborn marks and stains.

To keep things as flexible as possible, we’re offering this mattress complete with a topper – making your ideal sleep solution easily affordable. The topper is 100% waterproof and will prevent liquid from contaminating the mattress from whatever the source. The topper not only adds comfort to the overall comfort of the mattress it fully protects it as well, total peace of mind. Bedtime should be relaxing. It should be a time to forget the stresses of the day and let your body ease into recovering – leaving you feeling fresh and well prepared for the next day. Here at Sealy we’re passionate about ensuring everyone gets the quality night’s sleep they deserve.

Prices for the mattress with topper start at £262 and are fully inclusive of delivery to your home .

Sealy Derwent Mattress with topper
The mattress and waterproof topper combination

The mattress support system is provided by Sealy’s unique Posturetech spring system which includes edge-guard if you need to spend more time sitting on the edge. Now you can be certain that the support will be there for you. The mattress is single sided so maintenance is minimal which has to add to the advantages. The comfort level is set at medium and with the added topper it enhances it even further, all fabrics are treated with Bugshield so you can sleep safely knowing that you will never be bothered by bed bugs or dust mites.

Sealy Waterproof Topper Folded

The toppers are attached to the mattress via each corner and are simple to attach and remove. The comfort of the topper alone will enhance any mattress and the Meditiss fabric underside will prevent any liquid contamination through to your mattress. It will provide total peace of mind and if the unexpected happens the topper is easily cleaned just follow our standard mattress cleaning recommendations.

Prices for the topper start at £70 again inclusive of delivery to your home .

Visit Sealy’s waterproof mattress topper page for full details and how to order.

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Happy sleeping.

Graham, director and sleep expert at Sealy.