Conservative Treatments

Conservative Treatments

Welcome to the conservative treatments section where you can find a range of self help measures that could help improve your bladder and/ or bowel condition.

Here you will find advice on:

  • Healthy eating and drinking for your bladder and bowel
  • Bladder and bowel training exercises
  • Pelvic floor muscle exercises
  • Choosing the right continence product
  • Conservative treatment advice specific to your condition

Conservative treatments are often the first method of treatment for a bladder and bowel condition. By making small adjustments to your diet, fluid intake, general exercise and lifestyle, you may find this will have a positive effect on your bladder or bowel condition.

Finding the right continence products to suit you can be confusing. This section will also cover some of the continence products available. If you would like further information and advice on continence products please speak to one of our helpful trained advisors at the Bladder and Bowel Home Delivery Service.

Please note that the information contained within these pages are a guide only. Your GP will be able to advise on the best methods of treatment for your condition. Please speak to your GP or Healthcare Practitioner before undertaking any of these treatments.