watchful waiting

Watchful waiting refers to seeing whether symptoms progress, stay the same or clear on their own before undergoing medical or surgical treatment.

Watchful waiting is a phrase that is used in reference to urology conditions including kidney stones, mild urinary tract infections, early-stage kidney cancer, an enlarged prostate, and prostate cancer.

If the problems caused by your enlarged prostate are slight, it may be best not to start any treatment. However, your doctor will explain some warning signs to look out for which might indicate that the condition is worsening. This sounds like you won’t be taking any action but it is sensible to assess the situation and condition over a short period of time if the condition is not too troubling to you.  This will include having regular appointments with your GP to check your progress.

During this time it is sensible to help yourself by adopting a healthier lifestyle and diet. This includes maintaining a healthy weight, managing stress and exercising on a regular basis.