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Welcome to our legal services hub. Here you will find a host of information about legal topics that may help answer some of your questions or provide useful insight on certain issues.

We’ve partnered with Irwin Mitchell Solicitors – one of the largest legal firms in the UK – who bring a wealth of experience on a variety of legal issues from specific medical negligence incidents all the way through to wills and probate.

Check back regularly to keep updated as we look to post content around legal issues that have affected you – if there’s anything you’d like to know more information on, or you’d like to seek further legal help, please contact Anna Vroobel, a solicitor at Irwin Mitchell directly on 0207 400 8727 or email [email protected]

“I have experience in assisting clients who have developed urinary or bowel dysfunction either through surgical negligence or through development of spinal conditions, such as cauda equina. I feel very strongly about these particular cases because I see first-hand how challenging it can be to live with what is viewed as a ‘hidden disability’. I understand that it can be embarrassing to talk about the challenges of living with stoma or suffering from urgency and incontinence and my aim is to support my clients through every step of the litigation process as part of investigating and pursuing a claim in medical negligence.”
– Anna Vroobel

Please remember, while the information you find in this section is designed to assist you, it should not be taken as a substitute for legal advice. For further information, or to arrange a consultation with a legal advisor please contact Anna Vroobel.

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