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Below you will find a collection of comments from people who have found our services useful.

If we have helped you in some way, whether it be from a chat with one of our Helpline nurses, or maybe you couldn’t live without our Toilet Card  or perhaps you found just what you were looking for on our website, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Toilet Card

“The last few years since having bowel disease prevented me from running the London Marathon. At my worst I was 16 at school, highly embarrassed about it. Feeling ill, going home every day. It’s only until recently that I tell people, and just joke about it. Spreading awareness but also laughing at the funny stories about it makes me a lot more comfortable and a lot less embarrassed. I understand that for a lot of people out there, they can hide it up for years and feel lonely. For me it’s life, and laughing about a weakness has made the anxiety of the problem decrease.

Raising money to help continue the awareness of this condition while showing that you can achieve big goals is a great aim. And the b&bf does a great job for help and support. And the Toilet Card – LIFE SAVER.”


“The way my cancer is going the card is going to help give me a bit more control over my life. £5 is not enough”



“The new website is really well set out and I found it very helpful.”

Helpline caller

“Thank you for your help and I’m so glad I found your website it has given me so much more information than what I have received from attending the hospital with her for the last 2 years.”


“I am 59 years old and in last the few years I had to undergo 2 major operations which left me with some bowel problems and I was able to obtain valuable information from your website, which has proved very helpful. Please continue the good work and thank you for the information and assistance provided by B&BF. I hope my donation will help others to gain benefit from B&BF.”



“Your Helpline Nurse rang me today and gave me excellent advice on my query and additional advice, very helpful. Talking through my experience allowed me to get more helpful guidance by talking through the issues than an email response would have. Thanks again.”


“I took up your suggestion to go to a local specialist bowel hospital and are now undergoing Stage 1 of an assessment for Sacral Nerve Stimulation. I am very grateful to B&BF for this advice.”


“I’d like to thank two of your nurses for their kindness and patience when explaining all the options etc to me. They have both been so reassuring and optimistic. “


“I’ learnt more in 5 minutes than I have done talking to my doctors in 5 years!”


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