FREE RADAR Key With Home Delivery Service

We know how important it is for those with Bladder and Bowel conditions to be able to have access to toilet facilities whilst out and about.

Having a RADAR key can make you feel more secure knowing that you are likely to be in close vicinity to accessible public toilet facilities. With the turn of the RADAR key you will be granted immediate access to usable and clean toilet facilities*.

The National Key Scheme/ RADAR key was developed to prevent damage and misuse of accessible public toilet facilities in order to increase the amount of public toilets being available in a clean and functional state for those who need to use an accessible toilet.

The RADAR key provides you with access to over 9,000 accessible public facilities around the UK. They can be found in many shopping centres, pubs, cafes, cinemas, bus and rail stations.

When you sign up to the Bladder and Bowel Home Delivery Service you will automatically receive a FREE RADAR key and Just Can’t Wait card in your Welcome Pack. We are committed to helping those with a Bladder and/or Bowel condition maintain an active and sociable life by giving you the confidence to get out of the house and enjoy your life.

Official RADAR Key - Bladder & Bowel Community
The Official RADAR Key

If you want to purchase a RADAR key, these are available for £5 from Disability Rights UK who supply the original key. Click the link below to take you to their order page.

Purchase a RADAR Key

RADAR Keys are available from Disability Rights UK from £5

Please note – Disability Rights UK provide the approved RADAR key which will guarantee access to a RADAR lock, as manufactured by Nicholls and Clarke.

*NKS facilities are maintained by local authorities. If you find a facility not up to standard please report this to the relevant authority.