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Bladder & Bowel Newsletter

Edition 1 – June 2017

Welcome to the very first edition of the Bladder & Bowel newsletter. Since our rebirth last year, it has been our mission to bring you access to a range of goods, services, and information that help improve your quality of life. We’ll bring you our most recent benefits from our Community Supporters, new partnerships, messages from our sponsors, and upto-date information on medical treatments for bladder and bowel conditions.

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7 Reasons Why Health Checks are Essential

Published on 20/6/17 There are many stages of life which pose new challenges and it’s easy to overlook our health even if we don’t have any symptoms. However, there may be times in our lives when we could benefit from a having a health check, whether to provide us with key insights into our health, to give us peace of mind or just to ensure we feel…

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