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Medical Negligence Claims – Client Stories

Irwin Mitchell is proud to support The Bowel & Bladder Community. As a national law firm which offers legal advice and support to those affected by bowel and bladder conditions, we often see first-hand the significant and life changing impact on those affected and their families.

Laura’s Story

Laura attended hospital in January 2013 with a small bowel obstruction. Regrettably there was a delay of several days in carrying out the scan and performing the surgery that Laura needed. As a result of the delay Laura developed a severe bowel injury and intestinal failure. She spent months in hospital and her recovery was complicated. Most of Laura’s small bowel was removed and she has been left with Short Bowel Syndrome which means her body has difficulty taking in the nutrients through food.

The hospital involved has admitted liability for the negligent treatment provided to Laura. Laura’s solicitors at Irwin Mitchell are working to value Laura’s claim and to achieve a settlement for her.

“Call it intuition, good fortune, good luck or pure coincidence, my sister had a list of injury specialist solicitors in front of her and Irwin Mitchell stood out. Immediately she contacted them, in March 2013, and was reassured by the professionalism, good listening skills and reassurance of the secretary who took the call.

“During the initial discussion, my sister was informed that the solicitor would return her call within 3 to 5 working days. Much to her amazement, her phone rang within 2 hours and she spoke to Peter, a solicitor at the firm.”

Peter visited us at our home because he was aware that I was awaiting restorative surgery, was unable to eat and that the journey to the office may have been tiring for me. He was very respectful, professional, listened intently and explained the entire process of making a claim. Peter’s manner made me feel reassured and I felt listened to. I was grateful to tell a professional my story regardless of whether or not my case was suitable for a litigation claim.

Although Peter sadly left Irwin Mitchell, my case was transferred to Anna who is just as empathetic, professional, reassuring and efficient as he had been. I was reassured that Anna would continue Peter’s fantastic work because she had been working with him on my case and was familiar with it.

Throughout this lengthy and complicated process, I have had the pleasure of working with various departments and meeting other professionals from Irwin Mitchell. Whilst I was still officially off sick from work, in 2013/2014, I was given expert advice by the firm’s employment specialist team. I found the process very complicated and stressful, but was supported throughout the entire process by Irwin Mitchell.

The transition from working full time and earning a reasonable salary to having no salary and having to depend on benefits has been extremely difficult and at times felt degrading. Whilst I was initially denied Disability Living Allowance (now PIP) and I appeared to be paying too much council tax and rent, I fell into debt. During discussions with the team at Irwin Mitchell, the difficulties I was experiencing were explored and Anna worked tirelessly on my behalf to secure a substantial advance of my compensation award to relieve some of the financial difficulties that my sister and I have experienced as a result of me being out of work.

The interim payment has allowed my sister and I to move into a two-bedroom, two-bathroom flat which has made such a difference to my quality of life. The flat is easily accessible so I don’t have any problems on the days I’m unwell and exhausted.

Throughout this process I have felt as though the team at Irwin Mitchell have viewed me and my individual needs holistically, not just my present but also my future needs. I believe Irwin Mitchell is working towards finding the best outcome for me and the firm is very ethical in its approach.

The process is lengthy and complex, but the solicitors and the rest of the team at Irwin Mitchell are fantastic. I would highly recommend it for high standards and a bespoke service.”

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