Look out Android users – GPay is now Google Wallet

Originally published on: July 29th, 2022. Last modified on December 8th, 2022

Gpay is now Google Wallet

Google has announced that Google Pay will be reverting back to Google Wallet and we are seeing this automatic update happening across Android phones throughout July. There is no change to the Apple Wallet, so this update only applies to people whose smartphone is not an iPhone.

For those of you who have the Digital Just Can’t Wait card, this will now mean that you will access your card via the Google Wallet app rather than the GPay app.

The new Google Wallet icon now looks like this:

Google Wallet
New Google Wallet icon

The new update to your phone should happen automatically and you will receive a notification telling you to update to the new Google Wallet. Alternatively you can download or update the app via the Google Play Store.

Your Just Can’t Wait card should transfer over seamlessly, however we are aware that some people have experienced issues with the new Google Wallet and Google recommend that you restart your phone, should you experience any payment or wallet issues.

As previous, you do not need to add any payment details to Google Wallet, just to have the Digital Just Can’t Wait card. It is simply a means of storage for the card.

If you do experience any problems with Google Wallet, there is a useful Google Wallet Help Community forum, which can answer most of your questions. Meet the Google Wallet Community. 

Any problems with your Digital Just Can’t Wait card then please email [email protected] and we will try and help you.


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