The Ring of Kerry – Riding in support of B&BF

On July 2nd this year, Mike Quinn (Miromedia) is riding with 14 like minded gents around the gruelling Ring of Kerry Cycle Challenge, in Ireland. B&BF are delighted and grateful to Mike and all of the riders for supporting the charity on this spectacularly challenging event.

The event really is a huge undertaking. 112 miles, on bikes, over rugged and difficult terrain. It will really be a day of attrition and determined endurance.

We are particularly grateful for the riders for raising funds for B&BF, as these type of events are typically run or ridden in aid of the very large, well known charities. Smaller specialist charities are often overlooked, so this opportunity to raise awareness and funding for B&BF is very welcome and appreciated by everyone involved with the charity.

The cycling task in hand for Mike and the team is considerable. Just getting to the event itself is somewhat of a challenge. Transporting bikes and equipment in one piece across the Irish Sea isn’t as easy as it sounds and then staying in hostel accommodation before and after the event doesn’t conjure images of luxury and comfort. Thankfully, the roads are closed for the ROK ride, so traffic won’t pose any real dangers to fatigued riders over such a huge distance. With planned feeding stops and recuperation during the day, Mike is aiming for approximately 10hours in the saddle. I hope he has padded shorts!

As a keen cyclist myself, I took a trip over to Warwickshire this week, to personally thank Mike for his efforts, chat about plans and to take in one of his regular training rides around the country lanes between Stratford and Warwick. We were met with 9 degrees and drizzle for much of the ride, so he should certainly be well prepared for the Irish weather they are likely to encounter. The countryside and rolling hills certainly made up for the weather and I can confidently report that Mike is looking good for the challenge. Let’s hope all of the team are training as hard as he is.

From myself and everyone at B&BF, we’d like to offer our thanks and gratitude to Mike and all of the riders, who are generously raising money for our cause. We appreciate everything you are doing and wish you good luck and hope you manage to enjoy the challenge!

As they say in the Tour de France, ‘chapeau’.

The riders for B&BF are:  Ashley Davies, Daryl Howe, Dave Brown, David Burges, Ian Besant, Ian Hancock, Mark Woodland, Mike Quinn, Nick Smith, Paul Fellows, Peter Bryant, Richard Hill, Stuart Insall, Tim Holmes and Stuart Gale.


Jason Tate

B&BC Partnership Consultant

Content originally published in 2016. B&BF is no longer in operation and has instead been replaced by the Bladder & Bowel Community.