Megacolon & Slow Transit Constipation

Anne's Story

Bladder & Bowel Community member, Anne Fairhurst shares her experiences of living with Megacolon and Slow Digestive Transit; how she experienced constipation for years before finally being diagnosed with the, and how it has affected her life. We’d like to thank Anne for sharing her experiences with our community.

Anne is 47 years old and has two grown-up sons. Previously married, she is now in a loving relationship. She currently don’t work but loves to volunteer within the local community helping others. Anne loves to learn through courses that interest her, and finds mindfulness a good source of relaxation. She is also grateful to have lots of close family and friends around her.

Slow Transit and Megacolon - Anne's Story

My story starts as a child when I remember having lots of bowel accidents and experiencing a lot of discomfort, pain and sometimes nausea. I was a very quiet child but I did make friends easily. My parents and I were not aware that I had anything ongoing, we just used to think that I experienced regular stomach upsets as a child.

As I became older, I became aware that I was unable to empty my bowels and that when I did it was very painful. Also there would be very long periods between bowel movements, sometimes several months and that I would feel so unwell, often with temperatures and a very swollen stomach.

I was embarrassed by my symptoms so I just continued to manage them myself.

Eventually my parents managed to persuade me to see my GP who referred me to the local hospital.

After tests, I was told that I have slow digestive transit and megacolon, plus no nerve sensation to alert me as to when I needed to go to the toilet. In simple terms, this means that food has difficulty passing through my digestive system and travels very slowly. Food also doesn’t pass through my colon and rectum in the correct way. 

My health condition is ongoing and I regularly get blocked up and constipated. At present, I have periods where I spend a week in bed as it’s physically very tiring before, during and after. I take lots of movicol which helps and for pain, I take ibuprofen occasionally. I find having a bath helps to ease any discomfort.

This is a life-limiting condition and I find it difficult working and socialising at times. I have anxiety, and low energy. Now that I’m an adult, I feel more comfortable in myself and that I can let people I’m close to know about my condition as it is a part of who I am – but it’s not all I am.

I am writing this post to hopefully help others who may be experiencing similar issues and suffering with anxiety and low mood. I just want to let them know that they are not alone.

Have you experienced Megacolon, slow Transit Constipation, Digestive Disorders or something similar and seek support from others?

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