Talking ‘Incontinence’ with BBC Radio Lancashire

"We've got to talk about it" Gemma Collins asserts

We were heartened to hear Gemma Collins’ own account of her ‘accident’ whilst playing on a trampoline with her nephew. Life is for living and Gemma reaffirmed this idea by stating that nothing would stop her from doing anything in her life.

When she shared her account of  when ‘the leak just started happening’ her aim was to help women feel less embarrassed, and feel more able to speak about it.

Talking Incontinence with BBC Radio Lancashire

Gemma discussed how 1 in 3 women live with incontinence, and that women are stopping their activities because of their bladder issues.

We’ve got to talk about Women’s Incontinence

“We’ve got to talk about Women’s Incontinence”, Gemma stated. This candid statement really does hit home and that it’s ok to ask for help. 

When BBC Radio Lancashire asked us to speak with them on Graham Liver’s breakfast show, we were delighted. Graham explained that the Just Can’t Wait Toilet Scheme was being supported in Lancashire, with the toilet card gaining popularity in the region. you can listen to the full episode here.

He highlighted the honesty of Gemma’s story, and that more people might need to know about this vital scheme.

Kirstie Jones from Bladder & Bowel Community explained the importance of the Just Can’t Wait Card to help people understand the support that is available, and how the scheme was vital to connecting customers with businesses.

A toilet card may be a small thing but can have enormous potential for making people feel confident l.  She went on to explain that the toilet scheme was aimed at helping businesses understand the issues people face. If staff can be aware of the toilet card should a customer present it, we can foster a more supportive relationship between the public and our toilets.

By working with businesses and organisations in Lancashire and the surrounding areas, we hope to make even more progress. Because if we can educate more staff around the issues people face, we can empower customers to seek help without judgement.

Incontinence Facts

  • 14m people living with a bladder condition in the UK 
  • 9.6 million of those are women
  • There are 200k Just Can’t Wait Cards in circulation

Helen Acrington produces the Why Mum’s don’t Jump podcast, and explained in a snippet that people had changed jobs due to incontinence, or limited their fluid intake. Even if it’s a minor leak, she urged people to speak out and get help.

We’d like to thank Graham Liver and the team at BBC Radio Lancashire for raising this important topic and helping us share our important services.

The Just Can’t Wait Card is a lifeline to many – it helps people to get to a toilet at short notice. But it can’t work without the support of businesses across the country.

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If you are a business or organisation based in Lancashire or wider UK, we’d like to invite you to take part in the Just Can’t Wait Toilet Scheme. This initiative aims to connect businesses with customers who may need emergency access to a toilet. It’s simple to sign up and we’ll support you on your journey with a free welcome pack and some discreet window stickers to indicate your support.

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