Retailers urged to “Put yourself in that person’s shoes”

Originally published on: December 14th, 2021. Last modified on January 11th, 2022

You may have seen that one of our very own Bladder and Bowel Community members has launched a petition to get the Just Can’t Wait card recognised under the Equality Act 2010. Tara Dolman, decided to set up the petition after her father, who is registered disabled and has several serious medical conditions, was refused access to a toilet, which resulted in a distressing situation for him.

Tara’s father first started using the Just Can’t Wait card after a stroke left him with bladder issues. Despite having the card, a lack of understanding and compassion from some retail stores has left Tara’s father with anxiety around leaving the house and he now feels trapped in his own home.

Tara wants to help raise awareness of the Just Can’t Wait card to help her father and the millions of people who suffer with a bladder or bowel condition to feel confident when they leave their home.

Just Can't Wait Petition

We recently caught up with Tara to get an update on the petition and find out why getting the Just Can’t Wait card recognised is so important to her.

Hi Tara, thanks for catching up with us! Can you tell us what has happened in the last month since the petition was raised?

Within the last month we’ve learnt so much more about bowel and bladder issues and this has really opened my eyes to how serious these conditions are. As someone who has a father and son with bowel/bladder issues I know first hand how difficult life can be, but the stories we’ve read are actually heartbreaking and to be honest most make me tearful.

People are too scared to leave their homes because of accidents or have been refused access to a toilet which has resulted in very embarrassing situations, these amazing people shouldn’t have to live like this.

What message do you have for retail stores and restaurants/pubs out there?

My message to the retailers and pubs out there is simple. Put yourself in that person’s shoes and imagine how difficult life is, or imagine a loved one of yours being refused a right to use a toilet.

They [retailers and venues] wouldn’t like them suffering the embarrassment from it. If they saw someone struggling in a wheelchair, they would help. Why? Because they can see they’re disabled. They need to understand and educate their employees more on disabilities that can’t be seen.

What would your Dad and yourself see as a positive step in regards to change by the new year?

We would love and be proud to see the Just Can’t Wait card be recognised as part of the Equality Act, so  that nobody with a disability is judged or turned away – that’s the big goal. It would also be great if we can get some retailers engaging and learning more about invisible disabilities and understanding them better.

Thanks for talking with us Tara!

The Bladder and Bowel Community want to show their support to Tara by highlighting the great work she is doing with this petition and continuing to work to raise awareness of the card with patients and retailers.

Tara’s local MP Yvette Cooper, has also been in contact and agrees that something needs to be done and has written a letter to the Equalities Minister about the petition.

At present the petition has over 5,000 signatures. We are aiming to help Tara achieve 10,000 signatures before the year is out; can you help us reach this goal?

Please Sign and Share the Petition

We are asking you to sign and share the petition on to help make a difference to those who are living with a bladder or bowel condition.

To find out more about the Just Can’t Wait card visit . You can also read Tara’s full story below.


Just Can’t Wait Card Petition reaches 6k

Community member Tara Dolman has raised a petition to get the Just Can’t Wait toilet card recognised under the Equality Act 2010. Show your support and sign and share the petition today.