Stay connected this Winter

Staying safe and healthy during the Festive Season is important for many reasons, and this goes for mental as well as physical health. Making sure you see your friends and family can go a long way towards making Christmas and New Year more special, so we’ve pulled together some of key services to save you time, and help you get the most out of the festivities. 

Bladder & Bowel Community is dedicated to supporting you throughout the year – we’re proud to offer online information 365 days of the year, with support available almost every day. 

We’re a community that’s here because of you, as well as for you. 

As part of our commitment we wanted to remind you of the services you can access throughout the Christmas period, so that you can get back to living life to the fullest. 

Bladder & Bowel Community Support Group

Join the Bladder & Bowel Support Group

understand what it’s like. Because our health is so personal, it’s also difficult to find people who will be able to relate to. Not everyone understands how debilitating these conditions can be and how they affect everyday lives. 

Being able to talk – especially someone who shares your experiences – can be a great help and a great relief in that you are not alone. Our Facebook Group will be available during the Festive season to help you access support when you need it.

Our Closed Facebook Group is run by moderators who are there to ensure the safety of all involved. The group has over 21,000 members, all with experience in different conditions affecting the bladder or bowel.

Please note, our moderators will need a little time with their friends and families. The group will therefor be closed on the 24th, 25th and 26th December, as well as the 31st December and 1st January. Thank you for helping us keep our team healthy, as they continue to support you into the New Year.

Find strength in numbers with online peer support.

Bladder & Bowel Home Delivery Service

Home Delivery One Stop Shop

At this time of year, our Home Delivery Team work extra hard to ensure you have everything you need for the festive period. That includes prescription products if you have a stoma or catheter, and medications if needed.

If you haven’t already, place your order and allow for extras if you’re worried about running out of anything. 

Speak to your personal advisor – simply request a callback via our website.

Downloads - Bladder & Bowel Community

Printable Guides

We’ve been updating and improving our downloadable guides designed to be easy-to-print. These  offer a clear yet detailed information that helps you understand how your body works, and what to do if things go wrong. Each one has been curated specifically for patients, to help you understand the symptoms you may be experiencing, and the treatment or management options available.

We’re always improving this section of our website, so be sure to check back frequently.

Stay Connected

Stay connected

We are committed to finding new ways to bring people together. Join the conversation on Facebook or Instagram, where you can share your thoughts and connect with like minded community members.

Tag us in your pictures using @bladderandbowel with quotes, stories or images that make you smile. We look forward to supporting you however possible.

Toilet Card

Keep your Just Can’t Wait Card handy

During the holiday season it’s common to find yourself in. new places, or outside of your usual routine. This means that finding a toilet can get pretty stressful.

Your Just Can’t Wait card is there to help you in your moment of need. If you haven’t already, download yours to your Smartphone now. It’s free!

Stay Connected

We hope that our community might just help you stay a little more connected during the festive season, but we know that not everyone has support nearby. That’s why we offer our online support services free of charge, to ensure you have somewhere to turn if you need it.

Our helpline will be manned as usual, but will be closed on bank holidays. We may take longer to respond during this time, so we kindly remind you that if you are in crisis and need emergency care, please contact the NHS or your nearest medical professional.

Services over Christmas

Where to get help

As with any ailment whether physical or mental, the first port of call should be your GP as they will be able to refer you for the right help. For more immediate help, there are helplines where you can speak to trained advisors about your mental health.

NHS Support

Mental Health Support

  • Mind charity supports better mental health. Infoline: 0300 123 3393
  • British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) has a directory of where you can access local counsellors and psychotherapists
  • Spokz People provide therapeutic support for disabled people
  • You can access your urgent local 24 hour NHS mental health helpline by following the prompts of this online form
  • Samaritans – if you’re struggling with feelings of despair or don’t know where to turn, contact the Samaritans 116 123 (24h helpline)
  • IESO – Online CBT therapy via the NHS in order to beat depression or anxiety.

You can always contact us for questions on any of the above services should you need. Just email us at [email protected]

Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy.

– Bladder & Bowel Community Team