The Wide Awake Club

The Bladder and Bowel Community Support Facebook group

Elaina Cutting joined the Bladder and Bowel Community Support Facebook group after experiencing bowel issues and hoping to find others who understood what she was going through. After a particularly bad night, she reached out to see if others were awake during the night and she was surprised to get a response back from so many people. Elaina has taken on the responsibility of heading up this little community that struggles to sleep called the ‘Wide Awake Club’. Even when they’re is pain and illness, you’ll still find support and friendship.

Wide Awake Club

“ I joined the Bladder and Bowel Community Support Facebook group as I wanted to see if  others were suffering in the same way as me. Then, one night, after I had experienced a bad few days, I asked if anyone else was awake – that’s how the ‘wide awake club’ really started. Honestly, I have to say I was surprised how many people were awake in the middle of the night and their stories as to why they were awake.

“The group started to grow and I then started to add different things, like other sites I’d found that might be of interest such as little stories, sometimes jokes too. It definitely helps people to not feel alone in the middle of the night.

There is a lighter side to the group too. For example, I put “coming to you live from the loo”, if I’m particularly suffering that night! It’s really for people to sound off if they have nobody to talk to, as it is an awkward subject. Not everyone has supportive family or partners, which unfortunately frequently comes across. I have my regular people, and some that I talk to privately as friends. To conclude, I would say that the group really is a space for support and friendship, and a community to fight isolation.”

We don’t want anyone who is dealing with a bladder or bowel condition to feel alone, which is why we have a closed Facebook group, where you can talk to others who are going through the same. You can choose to post anonymously, if you’re not up to posting using your name. There is support and friendship there for everyone.