Why Support the NEW Toilet Scheme?

The new way for retailers and public spaces to support people with bladder and bowel conditions.

Behind the scenes at Bladder and Bowel Community we’ve been busy working on how we can raise awareness with businesses, hospitality venues and retailers about the importance of the Just Can’t Wait card.

There is an increasing need for businesses and retailers to recognise Toilet Cards.

We’ve developed a new scheme to help educate staff who work in the retail sector over how having a bladder or bowel condition can be debilitating and how Just Can’t Wait provides a lifeline to those in being able to leave the house more confidently.

By providing Just Can’t Wait window stickers for shops and businesses we aim to help businesses communicate to customers that they are bladder and bowel friendly, if they get caught short.

Just Can't Wait Toilet Scheme
Participating venues can display a window sticker to show support for the scheme.

Are you part or a Business or Organisation?

Support the Toilet Scheme

How can businesses and retailers benefit?

  • Good PR for your business –  our members share stories of stores kindness
  • Some people plan their shopping trips based on the availability of toilets – if you can help, you may gain a new regular customer
  • Do something good – support your local community
  • Do something different – it’s not the usual community offering.
  • Gain recognition – Bladder & Bowel Community will seek case studies – your business could be featured on our website!

Why the scheme was developed

With over 170,000 people now carrying the Just Can’t Wait card and the numbers rising, it’s now more important than ever to get local shops and businesses on the board with the toilet  scheme.

CEO, Jo Umbers says “We welcome the support of all retailers and high street businesses to show compassion and practical support like this, to enable a more inclusive high street and help people living with a bladder or bowel condition to live a fuller life,”  

We now urge any local businesses and retailers on the high street to join our NEW Just Can’t Wait toilet scheme.

Are you are a retailer, hospitality outlet or high street businesses, who would like to join the Just Can’t Wait card toilet scheme? Please get in contact for your free retail pack and window stickers by emailing [email protected]

Alternatively you can request your welcome pack online.

Do you know a local retailer or venue which might help?

Tell them about the scheme.

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