100,000 Just Can’t Wait Cards Now in Circulation

With lockdown restrictions lifting further still, and with the recent announcement that shielding for the clinically vulnerable is no longer necessary, it has become apparent just how important public toilet facilities are and how many people rely on these vital services to go about their daily lives. 

We’re proud to announce that we now have over 100,000 Just Can’t Wait Cards in circulation. That means that each day, this small but important card is being used in shops, pubs, restaurants and public spaces in order to save thousands of people from embarrassment.

100k Just Cant Wait Cards

We have been sending out the Original Just Can’t Wait Card FREE to the community across the UK since 2017 and have just passed the 100,000 milestone of free cards issued.  It has been described by many as providing ‘peace of mind’, and even though we have a long way to go towards having the card accepted everywhere, we know that the more that people use the card, the more businesses and staff are exposed to the issues that so many people face.

Thankfully now that the majority of retailers and services are back up and running in their new normal, this has meant that most public toilet facilities have been reinstated albeit with a few changes in line with government guidelines such as stringent cleaning regimes and social distancing measures.


“It came fast and have only had to use it once so far but no problems it’s peace of mind when out”

“You are so amazing. The support you give to people who are genuinely upset is second to none. Thank you for making (me) feel not alone.” 

“I asked for an “I can’t wait” card, it came promptly and it has made such a difference to me in feeling more confident in going out. thank you.”

We recommend that you put together a toilet kit and follow these basic guidelines:

  1. Be alert, minimise what you touch with your hands
  2. Carry your own personal toilet kit (toilet rolls, paper towels, hand sanitizer)
  3. Close the toilet seat before flushing to avoid contamination within a small space
  4. Avoid hand dryers.  Wash and dry your hands thoroughly with paper towels as per Government guidelines (20 seconds)
  5. Carry your Just Can’t Wait Card at all times

Download the PDF Toilet Use Guidelines

Safe Toilet Use During Covid

Even with these measures in place, it is still vital that you stay aware and keep yourself as safe as possible.  We hope that these measures will help to keep you safe during these difficult times.

Please share this to help keep us all as safe as possible.