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How Home Stool Test Kits Can Save Lives

Today, many people lead such busy lifestyles that health all-too-often gets pushed to the back burner. A person experiencing a pressing health issue might ignore it in favor of continuing their regular work schedule or not falling behind in other areas of their life until the issue can be ignored no longer.

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But why? Why are so many people opposed to taking a simple trip to the doctor to keep themselves in good health?

As it happens, there is no single answer to this question. One big reason is many people are working long hours to get by and can’t afford the time off – or maybe they can’t afford the doctor’s appointment in the first place, with the astronomical costs of health care. Other reasons can be chalked up to people thinking that they don’t have anything wrong with them, or they are embarrassed of the health issue they are experiencing – especially if it is something that they would rather keep more private or personal.

Fortunately, there’s another way now – one that helps many more people reach out for the help that they need: Home test kits. And believe it or not, they are saving lives.

How Does Something So Simple Save Lives?

Well, like we mentioned before, many people avoid going to the doctor for a wide myriad of reasons – and for some people, they might put it off until it’s too late. By the time they are finally convinced to seek out medical attention, the problem may have progressed until it is too late to do much about it. In the best cases, patients often much more than they would have needed to had they sought out help right away.

Can You Really Trust Home Stool Testing Kits?

The answer to this is simple: Absolutely.

It’s the same thing as going to a doctor’s office and having them order the test and ship it off to the lab for you. With home stool testing kits, instead, the test is shipped straight to your door, allowing you to get tested from the comfort of your own home.

Get 10% OFF Home Stool Test Kit

Use code BAB10VE at the checkout

How Advanced Can These Tests Really Be?

Extremely advanced. They can diagnose everything from blocked arteries to dementia. With saliva, urine, and bowel tests available, patients can now test themselves for HPV, bowel cancer, and so much more. With this, people are saving themselves time and money by not taking a trip to the doctor – and home testing kit providers are saving lives.

Here are some of the things that patients love about home testing kits:


With home testing kits, patients take the test as soon as they receive it in the mail, and once they send it back off to the lab, they will get the results as soon as they are available.


Many people are uncomfortable with the type of testing they will have to do while in the traditional doctor’s office setting. With a home testing kit, patients can do the test in the privacy of their own home and not need to discuss delicate health problems with a doctor if they feel uncomfortable or do not want to.

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The comfort and convenience that comes with a home testing kit cannot be overstated. Patients do not need to try and find a way to get time off their jobs to go to the doctor, and they can do it on their terms, when and where they want.

The Verdict

It’s clear that home testing kits are one of the biggest innovations in the healthcare industry as of late. The ability to diagnose a wide range of conditions without the stress and discomfort of going to a doctor’s office cannot be overstated. So, what are you waiting for?

Get 10% OFF Home Stool Test Kit

Use code BAB10VE at the checkout