Apple Wallet Download Guide

What is Apple Wallet?

Apple wallet is a space on your iPhone for storing content or information in the form of a wallet ‘item’, ‘card’ or ‘pass’ in an easy, organised way. It’s a way of digitally storing information securely that you would normally put in a traditional wallet.

Apple Wallet App Icon

For example, as well as your Just Can’t Wait Card, you can also store loyalty cards, coupons, train tickets or bank cards in your Apple Wallet.

This means that wherever you go you can keep your most important items stored securely in your smartphone – and you can use them securely and without contact.

How do I add the Just Can’t Wait Card to my Apple Wallet?

STEP 1: Complete the application form online – make sure you enter your email address correctly or you will not be able to access your card.

STEP 2: Make sure you have Apple Wallet installed on your iPhone, available FREE via the App Store. Please also check that your default browser is Safari, as others may not be compatible. 

STEP 3: Once you’ve located your Apple Wallet, use your iPhone to open up the email from Bladder & Bowel Community. Click the button in the email, and you’ll be directed to your unique link to add the Just Can’t Wait Card directly to your Apple Wallet.

Your unique link will look like this:

Add to Apple Wallet Button

How can you check your default browser settings?

A browser app is the programme that your iPhone uses to access the internet. You will have a default set up, so that any link you click on opens automatically for you.

Settings on iPhone

To check your default browser, go to Settings and select ‘Safari’. If necessary, please change your Default Browser App to Safari to complete your download. You can revert back to your preferred browser after downloading your card. For more info visit

Useful Information

Your Digital Just Can’t Wait Card is a visual communication tool, and is unable to process any financial transactions. 

If you so choose, Apple Pay can also process payments via other cards you might add to your digital wallet such as credit cards or store cards. This function is not required for you to be able to use the Just Can’t Wait Card which is FREE to download and use.

For more guidance on Apple Wallet, please visit Apple Support

Ready to Go Digital?

Order your Digital Just Can’t Wait card via the online form, and add it to your phone in seconds.