MoliCare® Celebrates 40 years of Incontinence Protection, Every Day

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MoliCare ® , the global incontinence brand, is celebrating 40 years of supporting people, carers and healthcare professionals with solution-based pads, pants and skincare products. The product range has been designed to help the everyday needs of those living with incontinence and bladder weakness, with the care of the skin at the heart of the MoliCare ® brand.

Incontinence is a condition that affects 1 in 4 women in the UK 1. For a condition which is so common, there is still a sense of embarrassment and isolation that leaves people feeling lonely and unsupported. In fact, 68% of those living with incontinence feel that it has had a negative impact on their quality of life, and just over half believe that urinary incontinence is a taboo subject. 2 Therefore, it is vital that there is an increase in societal support, as well as a wide range of simple solutions for people living with incontinence.

MoliCare ® has developed a range of pads and pants which feel like underwear. Over the last forty years, the brand has continued to focus on protection, security, and comfort as the core criteria for its product performance. MoliCare ® believes in plain talking, backed up by their healthcare professional expertise, to create simple solutions for people living with incontinence.

Molicare 40thBday

MoliCare ® continually strives to address the needs of its customers; from nurses through to care givers, family members and people living with incontinence. They have developed an easy to remember acronym – ‘SAS’ – to simplify the product selection process.

S – Style. There are various styles such as large and small pads, or complete pull up mobile pants to suit various levels of mobility. There are also products for men and women, based on anatomical differences and urine flow.

A – Absorbency. MoliCare ® ’ s droplet guide, makes selection straightforward.

S – Size, MoliCare ® ’ s in-depth sizing guide ensures that products selected, are a comfortable and secure fit.

HARTMANN, the company behind MoliCare ® , continues to invest in and develop in their products. This includes the introduction of new technology to the MoliCare ® Premium Form range of large shaped pads that now features a new absorbent core known as ADL (Acquisition Distribution Layer). The ADL layer contains super absorbent polymers treated with Citrate which neutralise the urine, for better skin health. In addition, the ADL layer now features a new channel, set within the pad to help to distribute urine. Both innovations improve the feeling of dryness by over 70%, again demonstrating MoliCare ® ’s commitment to skin care.

As part of MoliCare ® ’s holistic approach to incontinence, the brand has developed a range of specialist skincare products which are skin friendly pH balanced, and are gentle on delicate, sensitive skin. Used together, MoliCare ® provides a complete skin care and incontinence management solution.


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