LoFric Elle Intermittent Catheter – FREE Sample

The world’s first intermittent catheter with an ‘L’ shaped handle

Originally published on: March 24th, 2021. Last modified on March 24th, 2023

We have some free samples to give away of the new LoFric Elle catheter. This catheter is suitable for females who self catheterise. If you struggle with finding a catheter that is discreet and easy to use whilst out and about, then the LoFric Elle may be the catheter for you due to its unique L-shaped handle which offers a choice of grip.

LoFric Elle features include

  • Single-use, ready to use urinary catheter
  • Discreet, slim design
  • Container becomes a handle that:
    • improves control
    • offers choice around grip
    • improves hygiene (urine flows further away from the hand)
    • provides extra reach and distance
  • Can be resealed and discreetly disposed
  • The lower container is recyclable as plastic

Try a FREE sample or contact one of our expert advisors for more information. 

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