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Originally published on: June 23rd, 2021. Last modified on September 1st, 2021

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Here’s what you can expect

Our newsletter is community focussed, to give you a real insight into help and services available to you. We also cover a wide range of other aspects of living with a bladder or bowel condition such as:

Community Stories

We regularly catch up with members of the community to find out how they deal with their own bladder and/or bowel health. These real stories inspire us to work even harder to support the community.

News & Updates

We’re always working to improve the support and services we are able to offer. From time to time we will update you on any developments that might benefit you. We send a quarterly update to help you keep in touch with the community, with articles from professionals in the industry and news that truly matters.

Products & Services

If you choose, we’ll keep you up to date with new offers through carefully selected partners, to help you get the support you need, when you need it.

We’ll always tailor the information you receive according to your preferences. Please be assured that you can update these directly via the link at the bottom of the newsletter.


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