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When you have been diagnosed and know what is causing your bladder problem, you will be able to discuss possible treatments with your doctor or continence advisor. They will explain what is causing your problem and how the different treatments can help. They will also talk to you about any side effects, these are extra problems that can be caused by the treatment. Together, you can decide which treatment is the most suitable.

Please use the treatments menu to find information on the different types of treatments that are available for bladder problems.  Please note the menus in this section provide information on all treatments available for all conditions/symptoms.

If you have been diagnosed and know what your condition or symptoms are, you may find it easier to search for a possible treatment through our Bladder Conditions and Symptoms section where you will find information on your particular condition or symptoms as well as the appropriate treatment options relevant to your condition.

Once diagnosed you will first be offered what are known as conservative treatments, which include ways in which you can help yourself, like lifestyle changes.

Medication may be offered to you as an option, alongside some conservative treatments, depending on your symptoms and medical history. Surgery is a final option and will not normally be considered until you have tried other treatments for a length of time without success.

Conservative Treatment

Medicinal Treatment

Surgical Treatment

Overactive Bladder Treatments

It can often be difficult to pinpoint the cause of an overactive bladder so your treatment will involve relieving the symptoms that give you the most trouble. Many people with an overactive bladder will have a mixture of symptoms including…

Overflow Incontinence Treatments

There are a number of causes of overflow incontinence, the two main causes are urinary retention or a blockage from stones or an enlarged prostate in men. Your treatment will depend on the cause. If the overflow is caused by a blockage,…

Urgency And Urge Incontinence Treatment

Your treatment for urgency or urge incontinence will depend on the severity of your symptoms. Your GP or Healthcare Practitioner may first suggest some conservative methods which can help to control some of your symptoms. If these methods…