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Catheter Care

A free and comprehensive guide to catheter care, available in an easy to use format. Essential guidance for users and carers, on how to live comfortably when using a catheter.

Download this handy guide which includes:

  • Fluid matrix
  • Urine measurement chart

Make the most of all the support and resources available on catheter care and download this free guide today. We’ve got you covered.

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Handy Download Guide

This handy guide offers a plethora of information about catheter care, including questions such as “Why does the bladder fail to empty fully?”, “Why is it important to address the problem early?”, and “When should I call a healthcare professional for support?”

It is essential to seek advice and support as soon as any problem arises, to avoid potential damage to the kidneys and / or bladder. Serious, even life-threatening consequences can also develop which is why early treatment and professional guidance is recommended.

What else is included in the Catheter Care Guide?

  • How a catheter works, how it is inserted for use and how to manage it.
  • The two main types of urinary catheter: single-use, and continuous indwelling drainage.
  • Essential hygiene information for users and carers.
  • Information on how to access the original “Just Can’t Wait Toilet Card”, which is essential when travelling and going about your daily business.
Urine Measurement Chart for Catheter

Includes Printable Resources:

  • Fluid matrix for optimum daily fluid intake for your body
  • Urine measurement chart to help determine which size of drainage bags are suitable for you.

Additional essential advice is also given on living comfortably with a catheter, including how to take care of yourself, going on holiday, a list of emergency equipment stock to keep at home, and dealing with common catheter problems that can arise.