Catheters & Accessories

A catheter is a thin tube which is used to drain urine from the bladder. Catheters are used as a management aid by people who cannot empty their bladder properly.

There are three main types of catheters intermittent catheters, indwelling catheters and suprapubic catheters. We have information sheets on the different types available, explaining what they are and how and when they may be used. Please visit our downloads section for these and other information sheets that you may find helpful.

Catheters are only available on prescription, however, there are some accessories that can be purchased directly. In all cases, it is advisable to discuss product options with your health professional who will be able to recommend which products may be suitable for your particular symptoms or condition.  If you have not yet sought medical advice we would recommend that you do so before you make any direct purchase.

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