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Bladder Resources

Welcome to the bladder resources section where you can find useful information and advice to help keep your bladder healthy or manage your condition. Keep checking back as we will be regularly updating this section with further helpful resources.

Information relating to bladder conditions and their treatments can be found under the bladder heading at the top of the page or take a look at our resources and downloads pages for more detailed advice and tools that you can use to aid your conservative treatments.

Bladder Care For Women

If you have bladder problems, you are certainly not alone. There are over 9 million women in the UK with some form of bladder problem and with an ageing, growing population this figure is sure to rise. Problems related to the bladder are…

Bladder Care For Children

Daytime Wetting Daytime wetting affects about 1 in 75 children over the age of 5 and is more common in girls. Daytime wetting can be embarrassing for your child and can be difficult to deal with, especially at school. It can, in some…