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Your Community Supporters

The Bladder & Bowel Community is proud to offer you exclusive advice and benefits through our partnership and supporter programmes. In this section are benefits we have specifically negotiated for our community. We hope these will provide some genuinely usable products and services.

AVC – 40% off Vehicle Leasing

With changes in government welfare allowances, access to private vehicles has become harder for many disabled people. Using our new relationship with Advanced Vehicle Contracts you can reclaim your independence without breaking the bank.…

Babylon Healthcare – 10% Off

We’ve all spent far more time in the GP’s waiting room than we would have liked to. That’s why we’ve partnered with babylon – a true digital healthcare service for the 21st Century.

Supercarers – Quality Care Assistance

Quality care when you need it the most We give families choice and control over their care. They can choose who they want to work with and build a relationship with their SuperCarer directly. SuperCarers was founded by brothers Adam and…

Silentnight – 20% Off

Sleep Matters We all know the importance of a decent night’s sleep, yet this doesn’t prevent most of us neglecting our precious rest. An estimated 75% of people don’t manage to sleep for the recommended 8 hours. This severely impacts on…