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At Irwin Mitchell Solicitors we have the largest dedicated medical negligence department in the UK. Our experienced medical negligence solicitors will take the time to understand what you and your family are going through, helping you get the answers and compensation you deserve.

We also have specialist in-house teams to help support our clients at every stage, including our dedicated Client Liaison Managers. We also work closely with external charities, support organisations and rehabilitation providers to provide you with access to on-going support and rehabilitation to achieve the best possible outcome.

We will always visit you at your home or at a place that works best for you and your family.

Anna Vroobel – specialist in medical negligence claims

Anna is a solicitor based in the Irwin Mitchell London office specialising in medical negligence claims, with particular expertise in cases involving injury to the bladder and/or bowel.

“I have experience in assisting clients who have developed urinary or bowel dysfunction either through surgical negligence or through development of spinal conditions, such as cauda equina.  I feel very strongly about these particular cases because I see first-hand how challenging it can be to live with what is viewed as a ‘hidden disability’. I understand that it can be embarrassing to talk about the challenges of living with stoma or suffering from urgency and incontinence and my aim is to support my clients through every step of the litigation process as part of investigating and pursuing a claim in medical negligence.
People come to Irwin Mitchell because they suspect that something has gone wrong with their own or a family member’s medical treatment. I find it rewarding to support our clients and guide them through the medical negligence process to find the answers and explanations they have been looking for and ultimately, if we are successful, provide some financial security for them to move forward with their lives.”

Anna Vroobel, Solicitor, Irwin Mitchell
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